Hey! My name is Lauren White, and I am the 15 year old girl behind Four Years on Trend.

I started Four Years on Trend as a way to provide teens with cute outfit inspo that is budget friendly throughout their four years of high school.  I am an avid blog follower but I found that many of the outfits these ladies are wearing are wayyy out of my price range.  And although I love being a little overdressed sometimes, the outfits they wear might be a bit too upscale for school.  Sooo here I am! I created this blog to inspire fashion in the busy lives of high schoolers and to prove that you don’t have to wear a Gucci belt or carry a Prada bag to look your best.

I am currently living in Southern California and the SoCal vibe has definitely impacted my style.  Though, being a daughter of a former navy pilot, I have moved around a lot and I stay connected with trends from different parts of the world.

Thanks for joining me on my blogging journey! I’m so excited to share this with you!

xo Lauren