Last Minute Christmas Ideas

It’s Christmas eve eve and at this point it’s getting a little late to order your gifts online….or so you thought.  For me, I don’t normally pay for express shipping unless I REALLY have to and in this case express shipping is definitely avoidable.  So, how do you accomplish this seemingly impossible feat?  Unless you have a car where you can drive yourself to the mall, which I would say the majority of you don’t, you’re probably thinking that it’s going to be pretty hard to get that last minute gift for someone.  Don’t worry because I’ve got you covered for all your gift getting needs.  I only know because I’ve definitely been there LOL.

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One of the best inventions I’ve ever encountered is the online gift card.  It’s literally magical.  Almost any online store has them.  It’s prepaid credit to the online store of your choice that the website will email to the recipient on the day that you choose.  Some of my favorite stores that have online gift cards are Urban Outfitters, Jolyn, TopShop, Nordstrom, and Brandy Melville. Almost every online store has them if you just search for gift card on their website, it should come up!

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Another idea for a last minute gift that doesn’t seem last minute is tickets to a movie you both want to see or tickets to go ice skating together.  These are things you can buy online.  You could wrap a picture of one of the actors from the movie or a handmade ticket.  You can make this really cute and I’m sure the recipient will be super excited to spend some time with you.  If you decide to go ice skating, i totally recommend going to the Hilton Bay Front.  It is right on the water, its not super crowded, and you can go for a good price.  Buy tickets here!

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If you are really set on getting someone a certain gift, you can always wrap a picture of what you want to get them and order it online.  That way you can blame it on the shipping company hahaha.

***Disclaimer: For anyone who has received an online gift card from me, that does not mean that I forgot about you, I seriously just love them.

xx Lauren   

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