Santa Snacks

Christmas time has finally arrived.  Its tradition in my family to bake a tonnnn of cookies in the days leading up to christmas.  I know you say that your mom makes the best cookies but trust me…mine does. 😉 This is also a super cute (and really cheap LOL) idea to do with friends.  You and your friends could organize a little cookie exchange or deliver them to some of your other friends.  I wanted to share some of my absolute favorite christmas cookies i obsess over every year.  P.S I’m so sorry that i’ve been MIA.  I been so busy with school and sports and everything.  I hate this part of the school year because there’s so much pressure to clean up your grades before finals hit.  But it’s all a balance so I’m hoping to find time to write more.  I have a couple more posts drafted so I hope to edit and post them soon! Annnyyyyways I hope you enjoy my cookies (they might take your mind off all the christmas madness)!


My top 5!!

  1. An absolute MUST HAVE.  Sugar cookies.  This year my fam made them with green, white, and red glaze instead of frosting and they turned out super cute.
  2. Thumbprint cookies.  I absolutely loooove these and they’re such a classic.
  3. Peanut butter oatmeal sandwich cookies. Ok these sound gross but youre just going to have to trust me on this one.  They. Are. Life changing.
  4. Cookie dough balls.  I mean this is literally edible cookie dough dipped in chocolate on a stick.  I don’t even know how you could go wrong with these.  Pro tip: after you dip them in chocolate, cover them with festive sprinkles so that they look extra christmassy.
  5. Strawberry santa hats.  These are SO cute and really yummy.  I brought them to a christmas party and they were a hit.  I found them on pinterest because pinterest=lifeeee.

***if you search any of these cookies on The Food Network there will be really great recipes!  Happy baking!!

xx Lauren

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