Monday through Friday

I know that for me these past few weeks have been suuuper stressful with taking tests, getting grades back, tons of homework, golf matches, tutoring, planning meetings, attending meetings, and even more homework.  Life can be even more stressful if in the morning you are running around in your pjs 10 minutes before school starts trying to pick out an outfit! Here’s some of my day by day tips on how to get ready monday through friday!   


The outfit: Top // Jeans // Shoes

Monday: I like to consider myself an optimist but I’m going to be completely honest and confess that mondays are the absolute worst.  You have to wake up early again after two glorious days of sleeping in.  I recommend going casual for this day because chances are, you’re not going to feel motivated to dress up or wear something too “out-there”.  My favorite monday look is something super basic like a white tee and some jeans, maybe dressed up with some fun shoes but that’s about as fancy as it gets.  This is still a really cute look it’s just not super elaborate.  Right now I’m obsessed with these jeans and let’s be honest, the jeans make alll the difference. These or these are also some fun shoes you could wear with your new monday uniform!     

The outfit: Jumpsuit // Shoes

Tuesday:  By tuesday you’re probably feelin’ a little more used to your alarm blasting out your eardrums at 6:30 in the morning.  I think that a cute romper is a good way to start out this day.  What I love about rompers and jumpsuits is the fact that it’s a whole outfit in one article of clothing! This amuse society jumpsuit is something I have been dreaming about until my dream finally came true when I took a trip out to Laguna Beach.  If you want to dress this up a little more you could pair it with a pair of cute platforms or even some heels.        


The outfit: Top // Shorts // Shoes

Wednesday: Alright y’all, it’s wednesday and we got this whole annoying alarm situation down pat (it’s called a snooze button).  It’s also huump daaayyy!! Today is the day I would try something trendy! Risk it! Wear those tassel earrings or those metallic booties you’ve been to shy to wear! Who cares?! Try it! Be bold! Go for it girlfriend!   


The outfit: Top // Pants // Shoes

Thursday:  Friday is soooo close you guys we’ve almost made it! Most teachers will plan their tests on fridays so thursday ends up being a review day for most classes.  I would wear something comfortable but cute.  I always find that I pay attention better if I dress nicer but in something I won’t be uncomfortable in or adjusting all day.  I recommend wearing some fun pants with a black or white tee.  I am IN LOVE with these new pants from urban outfitters! They are to die for!!!    


The outfit: Similar top // Skirt // Similar shoes

Friday:  YAY! Happy friday babes! It’s THE BEST day no questions asked. Today is up to you to decide what you want to wear.  Well, the others days are up to you too but give yourself the freedom to either dress trendy or casual depending on how you feel because this friday is about YOU!   


Protip: Always plan your outfit the night before!  The five minutes you take to plan out an outfit the night before can save you half an hour of stress the next morning.  You will end up looking more put together anyways because with that extra time you may be able to do your hair or you could use those extra minutes to study for a big test!

Can’t wait to see everyone bringing their school style next week!

xx Lauren

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