HOMECOMING!!!! Yay you guys!!! It’s that time of year again! This is my favorite part of the whooole school year! From the week ticket sales start to the last song they play at the dance, everything about it is amazing.  Everyone’s on edge. They don’t know who’s going to ask who, what dress everyone is going to wear, what the DJ will be like, wondering if the venue is as cool as everyone says it is.  Then there’s the homecoming parade with class float building, walking with everyone in their class shirts, the big game.  Theeen, there’s the day of homecoming!  I’m not quite sure what all the boys do but the girls are rushing around trying to make their next hair, makeup, nail appointment.  Laying out their dress, making all the last minute changes.  Then, when the time comes you finally lace up your heels and make it out the door to where all your friends are.  All the moms are taking pictures and telling everyone how beautiful they look.  If you have a date, you pin their boutonniere on them and they lace up your corsage on your wrist.  Look down below for my complete homecoming guide from makeup, to boutonnieres, to the absolute perfect dress.  Also down below are pics from my homecoming last year!  



Last year, when I had my makeup done, I went to the channel bar at the mall close to where I love.  It is honestly the best.  They are so professional and you can’t go wrong with any of the artists.  I would definitely have a look you are trying to achieve in mind when you go.  I had a picture of Gigi Hadid that I found on pinterest whose makeup I absolutely loved in that picture.  My lady who was doing my makeup kept referring back to the picture when she was doing my makeup and it turned out just how I had pictured it.  Channel is 100% always my go-to.



Last year I had my hair in a high messy pony tail and it was the best thing ever.  I mean, I’m kind of a pony tail gal but still.  It was so nice because the wind didn’t affect it that much during pictures (it was SO windy when my friends and I were taking pictures last year).  Also, during the actual dance, I didn’t get super hot or sticky because my hair was off my neck.


The Dress:

Last year I got my dress from Zara.  I loved it and right when I saw it, I knew that’s the one I would wear to homecoming.  I got my dress before school even started so when I wasn’t particularly shopping for a homecoming dress.  If you feel like you’re rushed for time and need a good dress within a few weeks I think revolve has a lot of really good options.  The only tricky thing about revolve is its popularity.  There’s a chance you could be wearing the same dress as someone else if you order from there but most of the time you will be ok because there are so many options.  Some other good options are Bloomingdales or Nordstrom.     


I always feel like you can never be too bold with your shoes.  Last year, I was 6’2” with my heels on. 😳 I was 5’10” and wore four inch heels but I couldn’t have cared less.  If we are talking comfort level, mine definitely didn’t rank very high (but fashion hurts right?) In all honestly, I didn’t wear my shoes during the dance.  In my school, we are allowed to take our shoes off during the dance and there is a place to keep them.  I just recommend wearing heels you feel confident in and you will look sooo amazing!



My date was my bff and our families are really close.  Our moms are also besties and they coordinated our boutonnieres and corsages.  My mom and I got a dainty little baby’s breath boutonniere wrapped with a burlap material string.  It was suuuper cute.  He gave me a corsage that incorporated baby’s breath.  It’s also kind of awkward when you are tying and pinning the flowers on.  It a lot harder than it looks.  I found a tutorial video on youtube and linked is here if you are interested in watching, it may be worth a few minutes of your time.  ALSO, don’t feel like you are super lame if you don’t have a date.  I hung out with all of my amigos for the whole dance and I had a blast.


Homecoming is such a fun time of year and you will only enjoy it that much more if you feel amazing! Wear something that you love even if its not mainstream or is something a little “out there”.  As long as you feel confident in it you can rock anything!  Comment below any questions or tips you have for homecoming!

xx, Lauren


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