2 Cool 4 School

School style is like street style in the real world.  You get to chose how you look.  At a glance people can get a tiny bit of insight on your personality just based on your daily outfit.  As the first day of school gets closer, I wanted to share with y’all my three big tips for getting ready on the first day!

  1. Don’t go too risky.  The first day of school is a day for first impressions.  You want your teachers to think highly of you from the get go so make sure to let your outfit reflect that.
  2. Plan in advanced.  I don’t know if anyone else feels this way but I’m always kind of nervous on the first day and the morning can get pretty stressful.  If you don’t plan out your outfit beforehand, this will only make your morning even more stressful.
  3. Pick out something that you find a cool piece of clothing.  For example, this super cool jumpsuit with this top (or this top) and these adorable shoes.  I am obsessed with this darling little jumpsuit with the super cute basic tee. It’s perfect for the first day of school.

I hope y’all take this advice and find it helpful! Comment below any things you keep in mind when choosing a back-to-school outfit! Also, make sure to scroll down below to check out some of my finds while I was back to school shopping!  

IMG_5033.JPG.jpeg                           IMG_5035.JPG.jpeg

Browse: Top: Gap // Jeans: Who What Wear // Shoes: Who What Wear

IMG_5238.JPG                       IMG_5168.JPG.jpeg

Browse: Top: Gap // Bottoms: Who What Wear // Shoes: Similar Zara

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